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Technology and porn go hand in hand. Lets call it a hand job? OK, couldn't resist that one. In all serious though porn often innovates in technology. VirtualRealPorn[NSFW] is betting that its Virtual Real Player porn player will catch on big once the commercial versions of the VR headsets finally ship late this year and next year.

VirtualRealPorn offers VR point-of-view porn, and it is now releasing a video per week with plans to accelerate production. The company says its VR films are high quality because they are filmed in 180-degree stereoscopic viewing.

Their innovate VirtualRealPlayer will work with any 180-degree stereoscopic video and adds some neat features that cannot be found in other popular VR players such as my personal favorite VRPlayer.
Their player includes full XBox controller support so you no longer need to fumble for the keyboard whilst enjoying your videos. You can skip, pause, select videos and even rotate all from the controller.

The Best Video Player for VR Videos Comes from the Adult Industry?

Installing Virtual RealPlayer 

  • Download the latest version of VirtualRealPlayer [NSFW]
    I scanned this all appears to be OK. However caution is always recommended.
    They do claim No Spyware, adware, or ads in their player. From my download their claim is true.
  • Unzip the file
  • Download the video files in the folder “Videos” inside the folder of VirtualRealPlayer
  • Run the file VirtualRealPlayer_DirectToRift.exe

VirtualRealPlayer Commands

General commands:
Esc: quits the application
F2: recenter the view
B/G: bright control
N/H: contrast control
Video list commands:

Up/Down/PgUp/PgDn/Home/End: navigate through the list
Enter: play the selected video
1: activate the integration with Lovense (I will cover Lovense in another article)

Video player commands:
Space key / Mouse left-click: shows/hide the controls
Arrow keys:
Up: Play/Pause
Down: Back to main menu
Left: -10 seconds
Right: +10 seconds
W / S: adjust the Zoom
E: reset the Zoom
IPD (interpupillary distance):
A / D: adjust the IPD of the video
R: reset the IPD
Vertical Rotation:
PgUp / PgDn: adjust the vertical rotation
Home: reset the vertical rotation
Neck Vertical Position:
P / L: adjust the vertical position
O: reset the vertical position
Del: Reset all the custom settings to default

Potential CODEC Issues
Option 1

If you have problems playing back files such as .MKV. You may also need to install a CODEC pack. I would recommend the CCCP Codec pack (It may have a Russian name but this should cover your CODEC needs and has no spam)

Option 2
  • Download and install the K-Lite Codec Pack Basic
  • Run “Codec Tweaker” application
  • Go to “Preferred decoders” and change “H.264″ from “Microsoft” to “LAV Video”