The Evolution of Gaming


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Gamers who know the history of their chosen sport will tell you that the first video game made an appearance back in 1962. It was called Spacewar! And it was developed by a man – genius, perhaps – named Steve Russell.

From that moment on, game playing would never be quite the same again.

Game Boy

It wasn’t, though until the handheld gaming systems that were so popular in the 1970s, 80s, and 90s were introduced that things started to get interesting, though. In 1976, Mattel was the first creator of the handheld videogame called Auto Race. Tame by today’s standards, this was something that had never been seen before, but that would go on to change gaming forever.

Until 1989, when the Nintendo Gameboy (perhaps the most popular handheld gaming console of all) and the Atari Lynx (not so famous, but far ahead of its time), handheld games tended to be one device per game. When the Gameboy and the Lynx were sent out into the market, the big difference was that they had cartridges that could be swapped out, so that one console could play hundreds of different games. It was revolutionary.

But it wasn’t for everyone.


Gaming was the preserve of young men and little kids. For the most part, anyway. But that was until Nokia introduced its 6610 in 1997, and one of the standard features on that was a game called Snake. It was a simple concept – maneuver the ‘snake’ around the screen to gobble up apples. As it ate, it grew, but that made things more difficult as if you slithered into your tail (or a wall), it was game over. Simple it may have been, but it was also incredibly effective at snaring a new breed of gamers – anyone who had a Nokia had a game in their pocket, and they were more than willing to use it.

With the advent of Smartphones in the 00s, console gaming was taken to the next level. The games that came with these phones were better than good old Snake – the graphics and even the sound were improved. But it was the fact that downloading games was possible that opened up the world of gaming to more and more people. And of course, game designers were able to create games much more quickly, and get them out to a larger audience than ever.

Along with downloadable games, having Internet-enabled Smartphones also meant that players could go online to their favorite sites and play games directly from there. Slots became more and more popular – they could be played on the go, and there was a chance to win real money – and even now they are still evolving. Betway was one of the sites that truly pushed the excitement aspect of casino games, and they are still a great place to enjoy some fun on the go.

Samsung VR Conference

Although it may seem as though there is nowhere to go next when it comes to gaming, the great thing about this niche is that there is always something on the horizon. The latest trend in gaming is virtual reality, but gone are the days of bulky headsets and heavy, wired gloves. Today, virtual reality is much more hi-tech but low on the equipment. Lightweight and comfortable headsets instead of a full mask and thin gloves instead of big, heavy ones are the order of the day. And it might even be possible for nanotech technology to be part of the VR world.

It’s exciting stuff indeed.