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Jaunt is in the process of producing 4 Virtual Reality 360 degree movies. One of which is called The Mission, described as
The Mission follows the adventure of a WWII Special Operations team that is dropped into a raging battle on the Eastern Front. The team's mission is to deliver "The Case" to a Russian commander; however, their plan is compromised as soon as they hit the ground.

Jaunt use their own proprietary 3D 360 degree camera, which is designed to shoot VR footage. The camera system simultaneously records 3D stereoscopic video in all directions and has a unique design that can be flexibly configured. Coupled with 3D sound-field microphones, the camera can capture everything needed to reconstruct the complete visual and auditory experience.

The movie is not restricted to the Oculus Rift or even Gear VR but open to most others too including Google Cardboard, DODOcase and so on.
You can currently download a fully functional trailer that includes their own player.

Download The Mission for Mac
Download The Mission for Windows

Thoughts on the trailer are mixed. This certainly looks to be the the first (at least that I've seen) action movie targeted for VR.
It has awesome potential but you can see where parts of the image is joined together between each of the cameras in the image. It is not enough to prevent you watching it, but is noticeable.
Secondly. Since the footage is 360 degrees. It is far harder to control lighting and does look less "movie" like than a traditional movie. I did really enjoy the tank crashing over the barrier and explosions and live action sequences you get a real sense of being there.

Overall. I am looking forward to watching the full version when it is released. Even with these niggling items in the trailer, it will most likely prove to be a unique VR movie experience.

OSX Instructions

1. Download and install Oculus Runtime (https://developer.oculus.com/downloads/)
2. Plug in your Rift
3. Set displays to mirrored (System Preferences -> Displays -> Arrangement -> Mirrored)
4. Set Rotation to 90 degrees
5. Set Refresh Rate to 60 Hz
6. Launch application

Windows Instructions
Rather unique method to get this working. Only works when DK2 is set up as primary in windows.

1. Download and install Oculus Runtime (https://developer.oculus.com/downloads/)
2. Plug in your Rift
3. Use the Oculus Config Utility to set Rift display to EXTENDED mode
4. Set your display settings to rotate the Rift display to "Landcape (flipped)"
5. Set Rift as primary display
6. Turn off Rift
7. Highlight Jaunt Application icon
8. Turn on Rift
9. Press enter to launch application

Keyboard shortcuts:

t:  toggle between Oculus Rift and fullscreen monoscopic views
Space:  pause/resume video
Return:  restart the video



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