The Persistence on PSVR is Walking Dead in Space


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There is a reason PSVR is the most popular VR device around today. It is priced well, is easiest to setup, has decent software and new game announcements coming in hard and fast. The Persistence on PSVR is another one of those great looking titles.

If you have ever played Dead Space, then you'll be right at home here. In Dead Space, the crew is killed and come back to life. Your weapons are whatever equipment you can find laying around.

In The Persistence, you even get to impale your dead victim with spikes and pull their body apart. Guess this game is not for the little children in your family...

What makes The Persistence different to other shooters is the environment is procedurally generated. This means every time you restart, the ship’s layout changes.

Release date is currently slated as "2017"