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The VR FLAIM Trainer with HTC Vive Helps Fire Fighters Train Without Burning The House Down

Fire fighter training is expensive and inherently dangerous. Volunteer firefighter and Associate Professor James Mullins decided there must be a better way. James along with the Institute for Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation (IISRI) at Deakin University in Australia developed the FLAIM Trainer system.

The FLAIM Trainer places firefighters in the most realistic training scenario available by utilizing several customised VR elements:

  • Head Mounted Display: breathing apparatus kit incorporates a head mounted VR display (HTC Vive)
  • Branch Nozzle: hose-line system and encapsulating hose and branch/nozzle
  • Protective Clothing: Personal protective clothing with heat generation components

The FLAIM trainer was shown in the HTC Booth during CES 2017. Both Michelle and I had a chance to try it, and we loved it!


The custom protective jacket contains heating pads which simulate the heat generated from the fire as seen through the HTC Vive headset. The hose features force feedback which simulates the pressure from the water flowing through the hose. The feeling of the water pressure is amazingly realistic.


The system retails for $55,000 and is now starting to roll out to the market with positive feedback from firefighters.