The Wizards Update Adds Free Locomotion - Your Wizard is free to wander magical lands!


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Arriving by popular demand. The developers of the popular spellcaster fantasy game, The Wizards, have added a much-requested feature of free movement. As of today, the update allows you to freely move around or continue moving with teleportation, or any combination.


When players start the game for the first time after the update, you’ll have to finish a new tutorial, even if you’ve already played The Wizards. The update will run you through the new locomotion updates. The Wizards also has updated the ruins on Stage One. Now, it’s longer, with new encounters, puzzles, and precious items to collect.

The Wizards is available from Steam early access on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift for $19.99

Some other key updates:

Added free locomotion

  • Added free movement
  • Added free teleportation
  • Changes in node-based teleportation
  • Customization options for movement

Rework of tutorial area

  • Pocket dimension is now bigger and more interesting visually
  • Added tutorials for free movement, teleportation and shield
  • Objectives help to guide the player
  • More 2D graphics explaining keybindings and required actions
  • Added silhouettes helping to cast spells
  • Changes in tutorial glyphs

Rework of Ruins Stage 1

  • Added new area - castle
  • Added new encounter
  • Changes in first encounter
  • Removed metal gates from the crystal battle
  • Changed the timing of enemies during the crystal battle
  • Added environmental puzzle