Time Rifters Review and Setup Guide


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Time Rifters joins the rather short list of games with full native Oculus Rift support. Time Rifters is the first winner of the very first Virtual Reality Award in the Best VR Game category.
So is it easy to setup and play? Mostly, yes.

Download Time Rifters From Steam

Time Rifters is easily downloaded from Steam. Currently they are offering it for 20% off at $7.99 down from $9.99.
Install is quick and easy and when you first run Time Rifters you get this nice menu (first me for):

Very nice option. No tweaking!
However, after you select Play then I got this:
Time Rifters Review and Setup Guide dx11 warning
After the first polished menu this was a bit of a bummer.
No problem though. I always run my Oculus Rift on extended mode. You just need to change it to Primary Mode in the Rift Display mode utility:
Time Rifters Review and Setup Guide setting to primary mode
Then try the game again and you should be good to go.

When you first start Time Rifters. You think (at least I did) "what am I doing in this game exactly?"

The default controls are Oculus to look around, WASD keys for walking and mouse wheel to quickly turn left or right. You can change these in the options to the move traditional mouse move along with Oculus look if you like. I actually liked the quick move with the scroll wheel.

You have 4 lives and you see your other bodies standing there next to you. Then you destroy as many enemies as possible. Each new life you’ll be joined by ghosts of your previous lives. Reminds me a little of the 
Edge of Tomorrow movie.

There are currently 3 games modes: Campaign, Experiment and Let's Replay.

In Campaign mode you need to play through an entire episode (5 arenas). Your objective is to get a high score by destroying as many enemies as possible (destroy all the enemies to get 100%).

There are several types of enemies ranging from colored blocks (red - easiest, white & gold - hardest), to poppers (see these in the first arena) and even a Caveworm. Most of the enemies drop small gold or silver blocks when you destroy them (silver blocks represent previously collected gold and are worthless). The harder the enemy is to destroy the more gold is dropped (Red block = 10 gold, Gold block = 200 gold). Some enemies, like locks on doors, don’t drop gold but you need to destroy in order to access another part of the arena and get a higher score.

The gold you collect from the enemies is what's used to purchase upgrades. 

The game mode with the infinite gold is the Experiment mode. This mode just lets you play individual arenas (no high scores) with an infinite amount of gold. Click the Experiment button on one of the arena preview images in the Episode Select menu to play that arena. Experiment mode is unlocked when you play through each entire episode for the first time.

Cools Things I like
The in-game HUD is the closest I've seen yet to the Iron Man HUD. Which BTW could be a great game in VR!

The HUD is projected just in front of your view. It’s perfectly readable in the Rift and is beautifuly rendered however you will never need to glance at it during the game unless you want to check out your score to see how well you are doing.
You never run out of ammo so you feel free to spray the bullets, rockets or whatever you're using.

Overall a pretty nice game and runs very well on my machine.
I was pretty surprised I didn't get any 
nausea from this. The gameplay is pretty similar to Team Fortress 2 (which made me sick) but somehow in Time Rifters I was fine. Perhaps I am starting to get used to VR just in time for CV1 :-)

Cost: $7.99 (Regular price $9.99)
Barf Factor: 8/10 (Slight motion sickness after 1 hour if move too much)
Performance: 10/10 Max Settings
Test Machine Specifications
*10 is no barf, 0 instant barf