Turn Your iPhone Into VR Device With Pinc


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Pinć (pronounced Pinch) expands your iPhone® 6 into an Immersive Computing Experience. The closest I have seen yet to providing a similar interface to the Minority Report movie.

Pinc Navigator

The Pinć device is currently in crowd funding on Indiegogo. They have a $100k goal and of this writing they're at $6,500.
Although named Pinć, only the special edition is actually Pink, the regular model is plain old black.

Although the UI looks very Minority Report like. The UI is essentially an expanded phone UI, down to the two-finger interactions that let you, pinch and zoom into a photo. Instead of using your thumbs to tap the screen, you click them against your fingers. There are plans for a full-featured browser, map tool, and other apps, and will be worked into the Unity engine. A software development kit (SDK) is promised for early next year.

Indiegogo packages for Pinć start at $100, which gets you a Metallic Black version of the case, the motion-tracking "inchers" and the Pinć SDK. The limited edition Metallic Red (Pink if you ask me) costs $150, while a set of three will run you $250.

Pinc in pink

This is in direct competition to the Gear VR which costs double at $199 although Gear VR is available in December.
How many people will pay to fund this? We shall see. It is certainly a very niche product and at $100 is not too expensive but given it's limited usefulness in not being able to play any games. My money would be on the Gear VR.

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