Valve Hopes Half Life 3 Coming To HTC Vive Headset [*Updated*]



HTC's chairwoman has told various outlets she "hopes" a Half-life video game will be one of the titles released for her company's virtual-reality headset, the Vive, in partnership with HTC.

Cher Wang was speaking a day after HTC revealed it was working with games publisher Valve to put its VR helmet on sale before the end of the year.

Ms Wang said HTC was "co-operating with Half-life", but she would not be drawn on whether that meant a new game. This could potentially mean Half-life 3 or less excitingly a VR version of an existing game. Valve has already released a VR version of HL2 for the Oculus Rift VR developer kit back in 2013 - and it could be this that the executive was referring to.
Only time will tell.

UPDATE 03/03/2015

"HTC's chairwoman has apologized for suggesting a Half-life video game was being developed for her firm's virtual reality helmet."



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