Valve's Virtual Reality Headset Picture Revealed



Shortly after Valve confirmed it will be revealing plans for a VR device at GDC 2015, the company uploaded a picture of their new device to its Steam Universe sign-up page. The picture is more of a tease though since the details are blacked out.

Further rumors have now spread regarding the tech used in their VR device. The headset in its current state is apparently technologically "superior" to the latest iteration of the Oculus Rift, Crescent Bay.

Valve has teased us for years regarding their Steam Machines. They have yet to materialize, however am I more hopeful they can pull this off. After all anyone with some PC building experience can essentially build a PC for the living room and install their Big Picture software on it. VR device? That requires more than just slapping some PC parts together.

Valve will also be showing off their final version of their Steam Controller at GDC. 



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