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Virtual Spacewalk

Regular readers know that I really like anything that simulates the feeling of the movie Gravity. I've already tried Blue Marble and ADR1FT. Now I try the Virtual Spacewalk. Virtual Spacewalk starts you off floating at a distance for the International Space Station (ISS) in the NASA space suit with build in thrusters. As you orbit the earth and move to the dark side the Earth lights appear. Nice little demo. Is it Gravity? Not yet, but close.

Download Virtual Spacewalk

There is a DirectToRift exe that normally works when in extended mode. However this time it only worked when windows was set with my DK2 set to Primary.

Windows Screen Resolution - Set DK2 to primary monitor


  • Left controller stick (or W/A/S/D keys)
    left/right and forward/backward rotation thrust
  • Right controller stick (or left/right/up/down arrow keys)
    left/right and up/down movement thrust
  • Controller left/right bumper buttons LB & RB (or Q/E keys)
    roll left/right
  • Controller left/right trigger buttons LT & RT (or pgup/pgdown keys)
    forward/backward thrust
  • Fire 1 (A) button (or SPACE key)
    Engage attitude hold: dampen rotational velocity to a full stop
  • Hold Fire 1 (A) + Fire 2 (B) buttons (or F12 key)
    Reset the viewing position