Vive Studios’ Brings Front Defense WWII Action to VR and HTC Vive


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World War II is popular in first person shooters. Battlefield 1942 was the very first successful WW II game. Now it is the turn for VR to get in on the WW II action.

Front defense, developed by HTC’s internal VR development team at Fantahorn Studio brings WW II room-scale VR action to immerse players in the role of an Allied Forces hero defending a fictional European town against an entire Axis armored division. Using Vive’s room-scale VR, players duck, dive, switch weapons, lob grenades, call in airstrikes, and man Bazookas and mounted machine guns to take on an entire Axis armored division – from well-armed infantry to armored cars, tanks and even Stuka dive bombers.

“We’re thrilled to bring VR game players one of the most immersive shooting games they’ll ever experience with Front Defense,”

said Joel Breton, Head of Vive Studios at HTC Vive.

Key highlights and features include:

  • Experience an intense WWII shooter as never before in a superbly polished game designed explicitly for Vive’s room-scale VR and precision tracking
  • Defend strategic positions in a beautifully detailed European town slowly being destroyed by a brutal enemy
  • Seamlessly switch between a variety of weapons, from light and heavy firearms to mounted machine guns
  • Use Bazookas, grenades or call in airstrikes to take on an entire armored division, from well-armed infantry to armored cars, tanks and dive bombers
  • Take on the mysterious Axis super weapon in an epic boss fight finale
  • Increasingly challenging stages and global leaderboards deliver hours of game play and high replay value

Front Defense premieres today on Viveport for $19.99 USD. The full game is also part of the library of content available in Viveport Subscription, where new users can take advantage of a no-obligation free trial to sign up and play today. Front Defense is slated for release on Steam in mid-July.