VR and Post-Traumatic Stress with Bravemind and STRIVE


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Combat. Injustice. Attacks. Isolation. Barren and desolate terrain. This was the reality of our troops during deployment in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. With close family members who served, I know firsthand how challenging the return to “normal” can be.

What if VR can revolutionize our approach to treating those who suffered post-traumatic stress after service in wars? Albert
"Skip" Rizzo and Arno Hartholt of the USC Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT) spearheaded a project that addressed just that.

The ICT software allows a patient to be in a controlled Virtual Reality while being guided by a therapist, where they can confront their trauma in a Middle-Eastern themed city and desert road environments. Since ICT’s development of the Bravemind VR Exposure Therapy, approximately 60 locations now offer the service including  VA hospitals, military bases, and university centers.