VR Arcade Opens in Scotland


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“PacMan and Frogger!” If you recognize the names, you are likely in the generation that got to hang out at arcades playing games and challenging others to getting high scores on pinball machines. As we witness the slow death of coin-operated arcades, a new generation of arcade gaming is born.

In none other than my editor’s hometown of Edinburgh, Scotland, Lynzi Leroy and Peter Burnett have designed an arcade for the 21st century. “E-VR” will open this week with various pods where people can try up to 16 games and virtual experiences using the HTC Vive. The cost is £8.50 for a small pod for 15 minutes, and £100 for 90 minutes for up to eight people. That’s not all, and E-VR will have a room where developers can use VR in their projects!

E-VR is located at the Ocean Terminal shopping center which is one of Europe’s largest shopping centers. Its prime location will help introduce people from all walks of life to this virtual world. It is no doubt this will be a successful venture!