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There are several top players in the world of VR, all doing their own thing. Each has their game portal, separate APIs and development kits. As every industry progresses, the need for standards always comes into play. This problem was the driving force behind the OSVR headset to ensure everything was open source.

The big boys are getting in on this now too. They have created the Global Virtual Reality Association (GVRA). So far the organization has been joined by all the big players. Samsung (Mobile Gear VR), HTC (HTC Vive), Oculus (Oculus Rift), Sony (PSVR), Google (Daydream), and Acer Starbreeze (StarVR).

This group believes in VR’s immense global potential and the opportunities ahead – it will change the landscape of education, training, healthcare, and design, among many other areas. While seeking to educate consumers, governments, and industry about VR’s potential, the association wants to get ahead of challenges with developing and deploying the technology responsibly. That’s why we feel it’s important to bring together international experts across industry to work collaboratively on global education, potential technical challenges, and promoting best practices in the field.

There is a slight problem, however, if you search GVRA in Google, the first result is for the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency.