VRgluv Lets you Touch and Feel VR with Force Feedback Gloves


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The latest VR controllers from Oculus and HTC are great 1st generation devices. They allow us to pick up objects, throw them around and interact with the VR environment. However, if you pick up an object or shoot a gun, it just does not feel real. There is no sense of interaction or resistance to anything you touch.

VRgluv is working to allow us to touch and feel the VR objects by bringing the first force feedback product to market with full hand tracking via a new Kickstarter project.

VRgluv features

VRgluv comes with full HTC Vive and Oculus Touch Tracking

The gloves themselves track the movement of each finger wirelessly. Additionally, each glove includes a custom sliding attachment to allow the addition of the Oculus Touch, HTC motion controller, or Vive tracker to allow tracking of wrist rotation and hand position.

###VRgluv Force Feedback and Force Sensitivity

Force feedback allows you to feel virtual objects in your hand. Each glove includes force sensors for each finger to provide real-time feedback about grip strength. VRgluv will allow object interaction in virtual reality to now feel far more real than before. According to the developers, with VRgluv you can now feel a baseball rolling off your fingertips or the handle of the bat in your hands or even feel the difference between hard and soft objects.

VRgluv  Force Feedback and Force Sensitivity


The gloves are wireless with up to four hours of use on a full charge. They are adjustable to a variety of hand sizes without any unsightly wires required to use VRgluv. Each glove weighs less than 1lb.

The competition

To date, VRgluv is the only virtual reality haptic glove with variable force feedback, force sensing, and full finger and hand tracking located entirely on the glove itself.

Other products from Manus or Noitoms Hi5 feature full hand tracking (with Vive tracker) and finger tracking with a very flexible and comfortable to wear glove but lack the force feedback aspect. Having tried both the Noitom Hi5 and Manus gloves I can say they are comfortable, I cannot comment yet on the VRgluv.

Price is a key element, for example, the Manus developer gloves are over $1,000, and pricing on the Noitom’s Hi5 is unknown. The VRgluv can be pre-ordered from $299 (40% off), so apparently, VRgluv wins on price.

VRgluv Now available for pre-order

VRgluv is now available for pre-order via the Kickstarter page for $299 *

The goal is to reach $100k and so far, have reached over $22k with 30 days remaining.

* The $299 offer is a LIMITED opportunity to receive a pair of the VRgluv's at a 40% reduction off the retail price to the first 100 backers. The offer includes 1 Pair of VRgluv and adapters for Vive controller, Vive tracker, and Oculus Touch.

After the first 100 orders, the price jumps to $349.
After 200 orders, the price jumps to and remains at $399.

The estimated ship date for orders is December 2017.