VRGO – The VR Chair For Gamers Who Live In The Real World


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If you want to go beyond simply a VR headset and a controller or two. Then the press folks would point you in the direction of the Virtuix Omni. Looks awesome since you can run around a virtual environment. 
Great right? Let’s think on this a little…
Here are some pretty serious concerns around the Virtuix Omni:

  • It takes up A LOT of space
  • You need to attach the cables to your ceiling/roof
  • You look like an idiot using it
  • Want to go one or two hours in a hardcore gaming session? Well I hope you’re in good shape
  • Want to relax in a quick gaming session? No relaxing here.

Do gamers really want to go running around? It may be a novelty at first but I for one will not get one for my home.

It's no secret that one of the biggest issues currently facing the VR industry is that of movement within the Virtual world. Keyboards and mice in VR suck. Xbox style controllers are a stop gap and Oculus and HTC have some pretty nice controllers coming out in 2016. HTC lets you walk around the room a little and Oculus will be leaving you in your chair.

In steps the VRGO which is currently running a successful campaign on Kickstarter. The VRGO looks like a giant egg that you sit on and move just enough to provide movement in any direction. The device is more easily illustrated in the video below:

The VRGO connects wirelessly to both PC/MAC and cell phone HMD headsets via Bluetooth. The device apparently has a very low latency and can connect at the touch of a button as both keyboard and mouse or joypad input. This means it will work on all platforms and on any game that have either of these input options.

How does VRGO Work?

VRGO has been designed to complement the natural locomotion of your body. During movement, the human body naturally inclines towards the direction it’s travelling. VRGO’s tilt-to-move system correlates to these natural movements. To move within the virtual world, you simply lean in the desired direction of travel. This allows for a full and organic range of movement and rotation in any direction.

Through lots of testing we have found the perfect sensitively for activating motion through tilt. A gentle tilt of the chair forward or backward will start motion and a tilt to the left or right will act as a strafe.
When using joypad control, the VRGO works with analog range (the more you tilt the faster you go) while keyboard can only accommodate walk and sprint. The VRGO will emulate both of these inputs.

Very few people have the room for a large device such as the Virtuix Omni. The VRGO is smaller than an office chair and light enough to be easily moved around your home. You can also open up the device and use it as storage for your HMD, plugs, adapters, headphones etc.

How Much and When?

Think you may want one? Your very own Egg Seat VRGO can be in your home by April 2016.

How much? The early bird VRGO will require £175 which is around $270.

As of the writing of this article. They are at $22k out of the goal of $30k with 28 days to go.
Looking good...