VRCircle readers can save $20 on VIP tickets with the promo code “vrcirclelovesvrla”.

VRLA has grown to become one of the largest Virtual Reality events in the US. VRCircle has attended many of the prior events and if you’re a VR fan, then it is a must attend event!

For those unfamiliar with VRLA then catch up with some our prior coverage below.
Have you tried Sony's Project Morpheus yet? I did during my last VRLA event.

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Come experience the latest in virtual reality and immersive technology from the leading companies in the field at VRLA, the world's largest VR event, on August 29th at the LA Convention Center. The VRLA Summer Expo will feature cutting edge demos of the most exciting VR projects in development as well as a lineup of illuminating presentations and panels.  

Early bird tickets end Wednesday, July 1st and are available at bit.ly/vrlasummer15.
VRCircle readers can save $20 on VIP tickets with the promo code “vrcirclelovesvrla”.

See you there!



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