Vuzix Blade AR Glasses with Alexa Integration Announced at CES 2018


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From the same city where Kodak grew to a massive worldwide company and ultimately died. Vuzix, a Rochester, New York-based display provider, is doing the same for AR glasses where Google's Glass failed.

The Vuzix Blade AR glasses unveiled at CES in Las Vegas. The Vuzix Blade projects an image in the top right of your view. However, unlike with Google Glass where you looked like a dork. The Vuzix just look like funky looking sunglasses. Yes, they will not win any style awards, but they can pass as chunky sunglasses.

The tech specs are reasonable, and the glasses can connect to wifi or direct to your phone via Bluetooth. Vuzix expects between 2 and 12 hours of battery life depending on what you do. With the screen turned on and connected to wifi, you're going to be in the 2-hour battery range.

During CES 2018 it is clear the name of the game is connected devices. The Vuzix AR glasses are no exception with interaction with Alexa. "Alexa, what am I looking at?" would be a great integration, especially for industrial uses.


  • Waveguide-based see-through optics
  • Cobra II DLP based display
  • Vibrant full-color DLP display
  • Quad Core ARM CPU
  • 8 Megapixel camera with 1080p video
  • Android OS


  • Micro USB ear-phone jack
  • Full BT functionality
  • Noise-canceling microphone


  • MicroSD expansion slot
  • Wi-Fi and BT wireless
  • Micro USB


  • Voice control - multilingual
  • Touchpad with gesture
  • Head motion trackers
  • Haptic vibration alert
  • Remote control app for Android & iOS device

Vuzix will ship you the developer version for a total of $1,997.

You can reserve the Vuzix Blade developer kit for $495.00. The $495.00 will serve as a deposit towards developer kit which includes the Vuzix Blade, Blade (DVT) unit and a Blade production unit and access to the Blade Developers Kit Software.