VW Working on Augmented Reality Navigation


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For those passionate about cars. Heads Up Display (HUD) have been around for a while now. They are prominent in Corvettes and appear in BMWs and other high-end cars.

More recently, auto manufacturers have been working on AR Augmented Reality. Volkswagen is working on their Volkswagen I.D., a concept car first shown at the Paris Motor Show and includes loads of great tech gadgets, including AR.

The idea behind AR in vehicles is to keep drivers attention on the road. Looking down at text messages or navigation on your phone is distracting and dangerous. AR systems can instead project this information about 23 - 49 feet in front of you. With AR navigation the arrow telling you where to turn will be projected onto the road in real-life. This technique is especially useful if two roads are close together, preventing you from checking the navigation screen or phone.

When is the AR system coming?

The VW I.D concept is expected around 2020. So if the AR prototype features remain with the car, then it may not be that far off.