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Most games released these days involve one or more of the following. Shoot someone with a gun, shoot someone from a tank, shoot someone from a plane, shoot something in space, and if all else fails, nuke 'em from orbit.

Black Cell is a small independent team from Austria, venturing into the new and exciting world of Virtual Reality and decided that shooting someone is perhaps overdone. Instead, Black Cell developed a game called Wake Up where you travel through a surreal dreamscape guided by an elusive red butterfly, solving motion-controlled, room-scale puzzles and riddles as you progress.
Wake up is currently available on the Vive headset and supports room scale and motion controllers. 

Wake up is currently available for FREE on Steam and will take around 30 minutes to play all the way through. Wake up is a fun distraction from, you know, all the shooting, so give it a try.

Download Wake Up From Steam

Game Features of Wake Up

  • Diverse riddles challenging the brain, eyes, and ears
  • A unique atmosphere
  • A handcrafted sound experience
  • Designed specifically for VR and Motion Controllers

Wake Up Rating

VRCircle barf rating

Barf Factor: 10/10
Cost: FREE

Performance: 10/10
Overall: 10/10 (Very comfortable)
Test Machine Specifications
*10 is no barf, 0 instant barf