War Thunder On the Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 DK2


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War Thunder is one of the few existing games with full DK2 support (although not perfect)
The best part? It is free!
You only pay for the add-ons, the main game is free.

To turn on DK2 support you need to go into the Advanced options in the menu system. Other notable options include the cockpit view is changed by pressing V, C key re-centers the Rift.

FREE and easy to set-up

Menus don't really converge properly, making you feel cross eyed
Positional tracking is not there so you cannot look around the cockpit properly
Menus can be hard to read, especially since you cannot move closer to get a better look

Barf Factor: 8/10
(Some menus make you feel cross eyed)
*10 is no barf, 0 instant barf

Download War Thunder from Steam

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without head tracking, this is a little weak. Although I did play it for many hours!

I am using the DK2 + Hotas Warthdog . My problem are : 

- What are the best graphics settings to use with the rift ? (my rig is quite high end...) 
- I am - I am REALLY struggling with the cockpit view , it looks like my pilot is sat at the bottom of the plane ..... 
- I am REALLY struggling to configure the Hotas properly .... dozens of buttons to configure and remember , is there any way to simplify all this  ? 

thanks !

First, sounds a nice set up! 
Regarding your position in the plane. Sit in a comfortable position, look forward and press the C key, this will reset your view. 
If you find you're too far forward in your view, then sit back a little and reset with C key again. Then when you sit forward you should be fine. 

Regarding your HOTAS, I have the Saitek X52 Pro so I have no personal experience with the HOTAS 
I did find a sample HOTAS setup for this game here (untested by me) 


Let me know if this works so I can add to this page to help out others.

- the C key to re-position the view is key 
- You can use the ingame control settings to configure the warthdog but I am a bit disapointed with the experience . 
In arcade mode you just can not compete with the mouse users .... 
I think you better do realistic mode but then the tutorial is ont doable while wearing the dk2 , you just can not see the text .... 

one in all this is a painful experience for a 700$ setup (dk2 + warthdog) , I will not recommend it to beginners . 

May be I need to pass more time in order to really get use to this ... 

thanks !

I would agree, OK at playing the game but text is very hard to read. 

Have you tried Elite: Dangerous? That is a far comfortable and polished VR experience since full motion tracking is supported. To read text all you do is lean in, bingo. 


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