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As yet, there are no full-length 360-degree movies, most are short, almost demo type scenes. It makes sense then to apply the 360-degree technique to a music video. Remember those? MTV played them all the time many, many years ago.

Intel wanted to see what they could do with today's hardware to create a high-quality 360-degree video. Equipped with a high-end i7 based desktop PC using only Intel Iris graphics and six 4K GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition cameras and video stitching software from Kolor, Autopano Video Pro. The result is one of the highest quality live action videos available.

Sung by Noa Neal, a well-known female singer from Belgium. Graffiti is produced by US producer Mighty Mike and written by Ellie Wyatt, Mighty Mike and Noa herself.

How to play the 4K 360-Degree Video?

You have various options to watch the video on your Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. You can download the free GoPro VR player from Kolor or watch it with the built-in 360 video player in the Virtual Desktop.

The quickest way to view the video if you have the Oculus Rift is to copy the video file into you default Videos folder and add "_360" to the end of the file to tell the Oculus Video app it is 360 degrees.

Download the video below once you have your player ready to go.

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Download Noa Neal Graffiti 360 Music Video 4k (Right click and Save Link As...)

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