When will we be able to visit a VR Casino?


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We’ve already seen many spectacular additions to the Virtual Reality gaming realm with advanced flight simulators, such as Aerofly FS 2, my personal favorite where just yesterday I flew a KLM 747 through the Grand Canyon, awesome!
There is also some terrifying VR horror titles continuing to push the boundaries of what we can expect from this groundbreaking technology.

But despite there being over 50 titles lined up for the upcoming PlayStation VR device, where do you go when you have that itch to gamble? You can head over to Vegas if you live close, it is a mere four-hour drive for me to Las Vegas, but there’s a noticeable lack of a virtual reality casino game.

This is something of a surprise as the past decade has seen something of a renaissance in traditional table games like roulette, blackjack, and poker, with a seemingly endless selection of online sites offering a range of authentic simulations of many casino games from a mobile, tablet or laptop.

In particular, it’s the advanced games of video poker that form the clearest signal as to how a virtual reality casino could work as these games already can create surprisingly realistic depictions of an artificial gambling environment thanks to video streaming technology that even features real-life dealers to guide players through the gameplay.

And thankfully Lucky Nugget’s Canadian casino recently updated their blog with an interesting feature stating that we could see virtual reality gambling coming to our headsets very soon. The article speculates that it could introduce a much more immersive and interactive way to play these popular table games, and with VR developments continuing to limit latency, it looks like online casinos will be at the forefront of VR tech.

However, there are still a few obstacles to overcome before we can simply slip on our headset and visit the gaming tables. One of the more pressing matters is how to overcome those unpleasant feelings of motion sickness that have become a side effect of many virtual reality experiences.

It’s hardly likely to help a player’s roulette strategy if the sight of a roulette ball spinning sends them into paroxysms of nausea. But thankfully unlike many arcade-style VR games, most casino games require the gamer to be relatively static, and so it could be the case that the traditional table games at brands like Lucky Nugget will be the ones that will be best suited to the fledgling virtual reality gaming market.

You can, however, play Poker in VR today with the multiplayer VR poker game for the Gear VR, although still in its infancy, suggests that the future of casino games could be virtual!