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When will we see the first true virtual Casino?

Virtual reality is today in the process of slow and steady spread. We currently have three major dedicated VR headsets available - Oculus, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR (PSVR) - with more (cheaper) products sure to follow. Besides, there are numerous headsets making use of smartphones for display, offering the interested public a cheaper, more accessible alternative to the often prohibitively priced triumvirate above. All things considered, VR is spreading, and it's just a matter of time before it becomes mainstream. Video games and, um, strictly adult-oriented fun were among the first potentially widespread applications of this new, immersive medium, but they are far from being the last.

Virtual casino

Online casinos have been around for over two decades. At first, they were but a novelty, a wacky attempt to transpose a form of entertainment with a long tradition to the internet. Over time, though, online gambling has become a multi-billion dollar business and a subject of a lot of debate. It has evolved, too, embracing the new technologies introduced over time. Microgaming, the software development company that has pioneered the industry has continually worked to embrace all the new possibilities offered by the evolution of technology. At first, its games have moved from a downloadable platform into a web browser, Java-powered phones, smartphones, and later smart watches. At the same time, it continued to release new content continuously. The Red Flush, a popular Microgaming-powered online gaming venue, currently has over 750 titles in its downloadable suite, more than 400 of which can be played in a web browser, and over 150 of them on mobile, at Red flush Casino. Now the Red Flush is preparing to step into a different realm thanks to Microgaming's innovative work on virtual reality gaming.

The first step

After a few tentative steps taken toward cyberspace, Microgaming has publicly revealed its first fully functional VR product, the Virtual Roulette, at the 2016 ICE Totally Gaming. The award-winning product offered players the chance to step into a completely immersive and customizable environment for a game of roulette, and interact with the setting as well as the game table and all its accessories naturally, using their hands. For the demo, Microgaming used Oculus' DK2 headset and a Motion Leap wireless controller. Both the industry and the players found the product to be amazing. Unfortunately, the product has not been rolled out at any casinos just yet - given that the success of the Red Flush as its likes relies on large masses of players, it might be waiting for the technology to spread further. But the technology is there, ready to be deployed.

So when will we see the first true virtual casino? It might be sooner than we expect.