Why you should Re-Calibrate Your Oculus Rift for Optimal Sensor Placement


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After the version 1.14 update of the Oculus software. Guidance is provided during the setup with how to adjust your sensors for optimal placement. If you have not run the Oculus setup for a while, I recommend you do!

How to start the Oculus Setup Re-Calibration

  1. Click on the setting button (cog icon top right)
  2. Select settings
  3. Click devices
  4. Click configure Rift
  5. Sensor Setup

Oculus Setup

After following steps 1 thru 5, just follow the onscreen instructions. The setup will take you through USB sensor detection, then onto sensor placement. The changes in the latest 1.14 version of the Oculus software setup will now provide guidance to ensure your sensors are pointing in the correct direction.

Oculus will suggest correcto sensor direction

Strange Oculus Height Setup Issue

In the 1.14 update. You will strangely not be able to update your height to 0 inches. For example, I am 6 feet 0 inches. However, it will not let me enter 0 after entering 6. Solution? I made myself 5 feet 12 inches.

will not accept o inches
Will not work, however 5 feet 12 inches will!

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