Woman's Guide to CES


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True story: I packed five pairs of shoes for a four-day trip to CES. I had good intentions. Standing at 5’2 on a good day, my 4-inch stiletto were a necessity! First, I wanted to see exhibits and people at eye level, especially while I conduct an interview. Second, I hadn’t made a final decision on which of the 7 dresses I was going to wear so I needed shoe options.

My packing decisions are laughable now. Only 5 hours into my day and the stiletto heels were gone. At least I made it to lunch before changing into the old-faithful flats.

Here are some tips for a woman's guide to CES.

  1. Packing
    Of course, I am going to advise YES to bring all the female necessities to look fabulous for a night on the town AFTER the exhibits close.  However, keep it light.  You are more than likely going to leave with some cool gadgets and giveaways from CES. Keep the suitcase light, so you can fill it up with goodies!

  2. Shoes

    When it comes to choosing your shoes:  Two pairs.  That’s it.  I love shoes, but when your logging 16k steps just during the day, you’ll want to preserve those feet of yours for the nightlife.   I recommend comfy flats for the day and your favorite heels for the evening. Which means NO boots.

  3. Your Media Kit:
    Unless your employer requires you take a DSLR for pictures, opt for the point and shoot. A good point and shoot is compact, lightweight and will get you enough quality for publishing photos to web pages.  Carrying a DSLR in addition to a tripod and video camera is exhausting.  Cut the weight where you can.  

  4. Clothing:
    I have yet to experience a warm January in Las Vegas, so dress accordingly.  Although you won’t spend much time outside, you’ll want to be prepared with a sweater or coat for standing in monorail and cab lines. Also, I’m typically not a jeans kind of girl, but for CES I am.  I’ll admit, having the pockets in the jeans are nice.  You’ll have easy access to your phone and business cards and small camera!  (On a related note, bring lots of business cards.)

  5. Scheduling your nightlife events

    If you are the type that can go out socially with minimal drinking, I suggest you take advantage of all the great industry events in the evening.  Evenings are the prime time to network, make good contacts and get to know people off of the show floor.  If you’re the opposite type that quickly succumbs to the societal pressures embodied in the city of sin, save your nightlife for your last night in town. You will regret missing out on a fun filled afternoon of exhibits because you had to nurse a hangover. (Guess which type I am ☺)

Overall, I recommend function over fashion.  You can still be cute in flats and jeans. For more information on my shoe recommendations, or to find out the type of cameras I use (Point & Shoot, DSLR, Video, etc.), you may email me personally at MichelleFigueras@VRCircle.com.