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Regular readers of this site will be aware one of my favorite VR utility apps is the Virtual Desktop. The Virtual desktop is not the only game in town. Others include Bigscreen (Beta) and Space (Beta)

Envelop is joining the growing list of Virtual Reality desktop applications. The key difference with Envelop over the Virtual Desktop is the ability to drag and drop any window into any position. Drag a window to the side, above or even below you in 360-degree virtual desktop glory. You can access your desktop representing your physical screen by hitting the Windows Key on your keyboard. Hitting this key will switch between your monitor floating in front of you and Envelop mode with the 360-degree desktop.

Envelop Adds Mixed Reality with Keyboard & Mouse

With most VR Desktop apps such as the Virtual Desktop. You had better be a good touch typer since you cannot see your keyboard within VR. Envelop has a trick up its sleeve if you have any webcam laying around. Only ensure your webcam can see your keyboard and mouse and use the Envelop camera setup tool to select the area where your keyboard and mouse are. In my case, I only tilted the webcam sitting on top of my monitor down to face my keyboard and mouse.

From within VR, you will see the second window above. Cool. 

Envelop were on hand to demo their Envelop app at the VRLA event in Los Angeles today. Envelop is free to download for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift and in public beta now for Windows 10 ONLY (Hope you upgraded).

Envelop may be downloaded from them direct or via Steam