ZeniMax 1 Oculus 0 - Next target? Samsung is being sued


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ZeniMax, the media company the successfully won a lawsuit against Facbook/Oculus earlier this year with a $500 million settlement is now setting its sights on Samsung.

The ZeniMax case against Facebook/Oculus revolved around ZeniMax Media (Owner of Doom) claiming Oculus VR co-founder Palmer Luckey along with now CTO of Oculus John Carmack, relied on technology from Doom. The lawsuit also accused Carmack and Luckey of taking proprietary code just before leaving Id software to join Oculus.

The new lawsuit is with the Gear VR headset build in collaboration with Oculus. The successful suit by ZeniMax with Facebook/Oculus now sets the precedent for the suit against Samsung. The lawsuit states:

"The code and confidential documents stolen by Carmack from ZeniMax permitted Oculus to secretly develop a mobile software development kit ... and related software for the Samsung Gear VR. This mobile SDK and related software obtained and utilised by Samsung from Oculus uses ZeniMax's trade secrets and copyrighted code and was obtained by Oculus (and subsequently by Samsung) in violation of the contractual obligations owed by Oculus and Luckey to ZeniMax under the NDA and in violation of the contractual obligations owed by Carmack under his employment agreement with ZeniMax."

ZeniMax states that Samsung should have been aware of its lawsuit against Facebook/Oculus since the case was filed while the Gear VR was in development. The jury for ZeniMax's suit didn't find Oculus guilty of stealing trade secrets, but did find Luckey violated his NDA.